Netanyahu orders new security measures at the Temple Mount, police sources say they're impossible

After both the metal detectors and security cameras were removed over the last few days and fences have been set up in their stead at the Temple Mount, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed that police officers conduct extensive inspections of all individuals entering the Temple Mount. Sources from within Israel Police call the measures impossible.
New security measures recommended for the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

At the end of Wednesday's cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that the police carry out detailed manual inspections of Muslim worshipers at the Temple Mount entrances as a substitute for the removed metal detectors and cameras. However, police sources say that Netanyahu’s directive is not feasible and that individually examining every worshiper who wishes to enter the compound will be impossible.

At the moment, the prime minister's orders bear no meaning since Muslim worshipers still refuse to enter the Temple Mount. Yet, Israel Police sources say that even once the situation will return to normal, checking each entering individual will not be possible and therefore, worshippers will be treated as they had been in the past, where only suspicious individuals are inspected.

Muslim worshipers outside the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The prime minister plans to hold a discussion with security officials tonight, amid current assessments that this coming Friday there will be another escalation in both East Jerusalem and the West Bank, similar to last week’s. As a result, the Israel Police, Shin Bet and the IDF are all on high alert and are preparing to prevent such clashes.

Last Friday's clashes outside the Old City of Jerusalem Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In place of the metal detectors and cameras, over the last two days fencing has been erected to form zig-zag entry lines that will allow for greater supervision by the increased security forces present.  Anyone who will look suspicious will be taken aside and subject to a complete inspection by the police.

The Cabinet also decided that until the plan is implemented, the Israel Police will reinforce its personnel in the area and will carry out any necessary activities to ensure the safety of visitors to the Mount. The Cabinet also decided to allocate a special budget of up to 100 million NIS for implementation, within a period of up to six months, as outlined in the Ministry of Public Security’s proposed plan that includes financing additional police officers, as recommended by the police.

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