Israel Police prevent establishment of mourning tent for East Jerusalem terrorist who killed 4

A day after 4 Israeli soldiers were murdered in a Jerusalem terror attack, the Israel Police arrived at the home of Fadi Al Qanbar in Jabal Mukaber and barred his family from establishing a mourning tent. A closure was imposed on the East Jerusalem neighborhood and concrete barriers were placed at the exits to the area.
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Less than a day after the Jerusalem terror attack, which killed 4 soldiers and wounded 15, the Israel Police prevented the establishment of a mourning tent this morning in honor of the terrorist Fadi Al Qanbar in the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

So far, 9 suspects have been arrested among them 5 relatives of the terrorist and at this stage, it is appraised that the terrorist acted alone. The Israel Police continues to operate in the area. A closure was imposed upon the neighborhood and concrete barriers were placed at the exits to the area. The Israel Police and Border Police are working to block off the entrance into the area and especially the exits from the East Jerusalem neighborhood.

Israeli forces were working on the investigation into the terror attack in Jabel Mukaber last night. Immediately after flares were fired at Israeli forces and journalists stationed in the area last night, efforts have been made to locate the people who fired the flares.

According to the Israel Police, “Increased operational activities were performed last night in East Jerusalem in general and Jabel Mukaber in particular.” The Meir Naker Route was blocked off to traffic following disturbances in the area: “The Israel Police is continuing its increased operations for the sake of the general security of the residents and visitors to the city.”

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