Temple Mount attack: Israel Police to arrest Hebron mufti suspected of incitement

Hebron Mufti Muhammad Maher Maswadah is suspected of making provocative remarks during a sermon he delivered mere hours following the Temple Mount attack and the closing of the compound. The intended arrest comes two days after the Jerusalem mufti was arrested following prayer at the Lion’s Gate.
Hebron Mufti Muhammad Maher Maswadah Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Israel Police has called for the arrest of Hebron Mufti Muhammad Maher Maswadah on the suspicion of incitement. The decision to arrest the mufti was made after he did not respond to the police summons to report for questioning after provocative remarks he made during a sermon shortly following Friday’s Temple Mount attack and the closing of the compound. Furthermore, it has currently been decided to prohibit entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Mere hours after the terror attack, the Israel Police also arrested Jerusalem Grand Mufti Muhammad Ahmad Hussein following a mass prayer service at the Lion’s Gate.

This afternoon (Sunday), the Temple Mount reopened after being closed for two days due to the terror attack investigation. As reported earlier on JOL, protests erupted at the compound in objection to new security settings and the placement of metal detectors at the entrance of the place of worship.

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