Thousands of military boots caught in shoe transport to Gaza

A truck loaded with a shipment of house slippers for the Gaza Strip arose the Kerem Shalom crossing security guards’ suspicions. After checking the truck, the guards discovered that it was transporting thousands of military boots thrown in with winter slippers allegedly to be used by Hamas.
Military boots mixed in with house slippers Photo Credit: Israeli Crossing Points Authority/Channel 2 News

A truck that arrived this morning (Sunday) to the Kerem Shalom crossing at the border with Gaza was carrying a large shipment of house slippers. However, upon inspecting the vehicle, the border guards uncovered an attempt to smuggle thousands of professional military boots into the Gaza Strip.

The military boots were hidden among fluffy house slippers sewn together in order to conceal the military boots inside of them. The truck’s entire content was confiscated by Israeli security forces after the border security guards’ discovery.

Photo Credit: Israeli Crossing Points Authority/Channel 2 News

The cargo was allegedly meant to be sent to the Hamas’s elite unit Nuhba, which operates the terrorist organization’s tunnel program. “The capture is another attempt by Hamas to negatively take advantage of Israel’s civil policy towards Gaza residents,” stated Israeli Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza Director Colonel Fares Atila.

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