Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara: “The settlements are not the problem”

In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Israel’s Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara explained why Israel opposes the recent UN Security Council Resolution and discusses how Israel should respond.
Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara with Rachel Avraham Photo Credit: Rachel Avraham

Following recent anti-Israel moves at the United Nations, where the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution against Israeli communities over the green line and the US did not exercise its right to veto, JerusalemOnline interviewed Israel’s Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara in order to hear why the Israeli government was outraged by it.  Kara proclaimed that Kerry and Obama are trying to push forward a process that will cause the Jewish people to lose the State of Israel: “The settlements are not the problem. In 1956, 1967 and 1973, there were no settlements and they tried to occupy Israel. This is a different process of trying to occupy Israel.”

In reference to Obama and Kerry, he stated: “They live in the US and think that they have security. We are here and we can’t lose any part of the land for it is not the problem. First and foremost, the Palestinian issue is not relevant. There is no government and no leadership that will accept this state.  Most of the citizens in the PA do not want for Israel to leave. They want to be under the regime of Israel. Only the extremists want this state. They are trying to pretend that they want a peace process but they are liars.”

“Kerry needs to understand that Israel is not a banana republic,” Kara declared. “Israel won’t follow processes that endanger its existence and security.  Kerry and Obama are leading a policy that led to the Holocaust and brought about the Islamist extremists Ayatollahs who spread terror across the world while endangering global peace with their race for nuclear weapons. The Israeli response to Obama’s policies and Kerry’s speech needs to be unequivocal for Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Maale Adumim as a start.”

“There is no way to put a state between Jordan and Israel,” he noted. “The question is whether to move ahead with the Saudi Arabian Coalition in order to find a solution but we won’t lose our security in the process. I think that we have to change all of our policies now. I think that Trump can be the avenue for that. Now, we have a chance with the Americans who can push the Saudi Arabian Coalition that also views Iran and the Shia Coalition as an enemy.  This means that we can cooperate with the Saudis and move forward with an agreement that is economically good for all in the area. This can be good for America and in the end, this can also be a solution for the Palestinians.”

Israel’s Deputy Minister Kara believes that enhancing economic cooperation is a good way to defeat Islamist extremism: “They know that supporting extremism is against them and not only Israel. They can cooperate economically with Israel and then they can help to support the Palestinians. Most of the Palestinians are against this extremism for they don’t get any benefits from it. A few years ago, Saudi Arabia supported Hamas and the other extremist groups but now they know that the extremism comes back to haunt them. Presently, they have ISIS and the extremists against them. So I think that within a few years, every country in the Saudi Coalition will try to stop them.”

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