Israeli slightly wounded by stone-throwers on Highway 60

Several Israeli cars had stones thrown at them while driving on Highway 60. An Israeli driver’s hand was slightly injured when his windshield was hit and cracked from the stones.
Photo Credit: Hillel Meir/TPS/Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), a number of cars were driving on Israel’s Highway 60 near the entrance to the Ofra settlement in the West Bank when massive stones were thrown at them. Several cars were damaged, while one of the drivers was slightly injured on his hand and was treated at the scene of the accident.

The rock-throwing incident occurred near Kfar Singil, located north of the Ofra settlement down the road. One of the drivers, a 32-year-old man, was cut on his hand from pieces of glass when his windshield cracked as a result of the rock-throwing.

Photo Credit: Hillel Meir/TPS/Channel 2 News

“The ease in which a terrorist can go out and throw a stone at a car driving with speed on a road and is able to flee quietly back to his home has to end,” said Gadi, a resident of the area who claims that the stone-throwing incidents are routine for Israeli drivers on Highway 60. “The Israeli security establishment must treat the stone-throwing terrorism as a weapon in every way.”

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