Jerusalem Islamic Waqf claims it will resist to new Temple Mount security measures

Even after the Israel Police began removing the metal detectors from the Temple Mount entrance, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf is rejecting the costly alternative plan of installing smart cameras. “If the Palestinian street is opposed, we will also reject – we will not agree to checkpoints,” stated an official from the organization.

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As reported earlier today by JOL, the Israeli Security Cabinet decided during its special meeting yesterday that it will the security bodies’ recommendation to remove the security measures installed at the Temple Mount following the terror attack at the compound a week-and-a-half ago, in which two Israeli policemen were murdered. The Security Cabinet agreed to replace these means with a technologically advanced security inspection, which was also agreed upon by the Jordanians. However, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf refuses to accept the new security measures. “The religious bodies and the Palestinian street are opposed to any change from the situation that was before July 14 (the day upon which the terror attack occurred at the Temple Mount),” the Waqf criticized today (Tuesday).

“This is the street’s movement,” stated the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf’s Preaching Department director Raed Daneh. “We at the Waqf listen to the street. If the street says ‘yes,’ we also say ‘yes.’ If the street opposes new steps, we also oppose.”

One of the security cameras installed at the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Joint Arab List also criticized the decision to install cameras at the Temple Mount’s entrance. “This is a new provocation by Netanyahu and an additional provocation among the worshippers visiting the mosque,” accused Joint Arab List Chairman Jamal Zahalka, who applauded the removal of the metal detectors. “The time has come for the Israeli government to be respectful towards the Muslims’ holy site.”

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