Arrested female terrorist who stabbed an Israeli Arab in Jerusalem, denies charges

A 29-year-old Palestinian mother of 5 from the Sur Baher neighborhood in Jerusalem continues to deny that she was the one responsible for stabbing and injuring an Israeli Arab at a bus station near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, yesterday (Saturday). However, Israel Police investigators are confident in their findings and the terrorist's identity.

Watch Below: Footage of the stabbing attack outside Jerusalem's Old City

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A day after she was arrested by Israeli security forces and taken for questioning, the terrorist who is believed to have carried out yesterday’s (Saturday) stabbing attack in Jerusalem continues to deny the charges against her. The terrorist, a 29-year-old resident of Sur Baher and a mother of 5, claimed during her questioning that it was not she who stabbed the Israeli Arab light rail worker.

Israel Police forces raided and searched the terrorist’s home during which suspicious materials and documents were found and passed along to investigators from the Israel Police’s Central Unit. The terrorist’s husband was also detained for questioning, during which he explained that after an argument between them, his wife called a taxi and left without telling him what she planned to do.

The terrorist Photo Credit: Shoagim Layamin/Channel 2 News

The terrorist and her husband will be brought to court this afternoon, where police will request that the couple's remand be extended. The Jerusalem Police emphasized that there is no doubt regarding the terrorist’s identity or the charges she is facing, especially since her actions were documented by security cameras. 

According to the investigation, on Saturday at approximately 11:40 AM, the terrorist arrived at the near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem and while she walked down Sultan Suleiman Street towards Ha-Nevi’im Street, she noticed an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man and quickly began moving towards him. As she neared him, she pulled out a knife and attempted to stab him several times before he managed to get away.

The Israel Police raid on the terrorist's house Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 news

Immediately afterwards, the terrorist continued towards a nearby bus station, where she approached another civilian and stabbed him with her knife. The lightly injured civilian and other people in the area began to gather around her, at which point, Israel Police and Border Police forces in the area took over.

The police have not yet ruled out whether the ultra-Orthodox man may have been injured or scratched during the attack, but until now he has not made any contact with police or medical personnel. However, the investigators continue to collect testimonies from witnesses in an attempt to locate the terrorist’s first target.

The police noted that all the investigation’s findings so far indicate the terrorist's clear intent to harm innocent civilians, stating: "Thanks to the rapid response of civilians and the forces deployed in the area, she was neutralized within a short period of time, preventing any harm to others."

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