Jerusalem terror attacks: Hamas rejects ISIS’s claim to responsibility

A few hours after the terror attacks in Jerusalem, in which Israel Border policewoman Hadas Malka was murdered and four others were injured, ISIS officially claimed responsibility for both of them. This is the first time that ISIS claims to have officially been involved in a terror attack within Israel. The terrorist organization wrote: “This won’t be the last terror attack.” Hamas rejected the statement, claiming that the terrorists were associated with them.
The scene of the terror attack Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TPS

Despite ISIS’s announcement claiming responsibility for the terror attacks yesterday night (Friday) in Jerusalem, the investigation indicates that the three terrorists belonged to a local terrorist organization from Deir Abu Mash’al in the West Bank. Israeli security forces have surrounded the village and are currently working to locate additional Palestinians who are connected to the terror cell.

ISIS claimed responsibility yesterday for both of the terror attacks in Jerusalem, making it the first time that the terrorist organization has officially claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Israel. However, Hamas rejected ISIS’s announcement: “The terrorists belong to us and to the popular front and ISIS’s claim is an attempt to blur the map.”

“With the help of G-d, we succeeded in performing a terror attack in the heart of Jerusalem, near al-Aqsa mosque,” ISIS wrote in a message published by its news outlet. Later, ISIS referred to the terrorists, whom they called “lions” and wrote: “They succeeded in entering the Damascus Gate and avenging Israelis. Now, they are martyrs who left behind a fear throughout the people of Israel.”

Last night, the Shin Bet released the names of the three terrorists: 19-year-old Deir Abu Mash’al resident Baraa Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh, who had been arrested for terrorist activities in the past, 18-year-old Deir Abu Mash’al resident Adel Hassan Ahmed Ankush, who had a background of past terrorist activities, and 19-year-old Osama Ahmed, who had previously been detained for terrorist activities.

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