Hamas makes changes to charter, knows Israel isn’t going anywhere

Hamas announced that some of the main articles of its charter will be changed, including the attitude towards Israel and the statement of anti-Semitism towards Jews. Israeli Channel 2’s Ohad Hemo explains the reasons for the changes.
Hamas Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Hamas announced several changes to the main articles of its charter, including its attitude towards Israel. Israeli Channel 2’s Ohad Hemo explains that several reasons for the change can be attributed to the fact that Hamas has been under a heavy siege for the past decade, making it a handicapped movement. In a certain sense, the terrorist organization wants to return to the family of nations - at least in the Arab world.

The movement hopes to achieve this by changing several articles of its charter, some of which have to do with Israel. Hamas says they are willing to establish a temporary Palestinian state with the 1967 borders and without the recognition of Israel. However, according to Hemo, that’s only a matter of semantics.

Ohad Hemo Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Approximately two weeks ago, Hemo met with senior-level Hamas officials in the West Bank, who told him the following: “Anyone who does not understand that the State of Israel is an existing fact is stupid.” However, publicly, they won’t agree to say this. There is a big difference between Hamas in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza and this is one such example.

Another step to achieve their goal is the removal of anti-Semitic expressions from the charter, especially the verses in which Jews are said to be pigs and monkeys. Hemo claims that these verses serve Israel as an instrument of battering Hamas, through which they show the world that it's an anti-Semitic movement.

Hamas realized that they need to make a distinction between Jews and Zionists. Former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Ismail Haniyeh told Hemo approximately a decade ago: “We have no problem with the Jews, but with the Zionists, with the State of Israel.” Moreover, Hamas is rejecting the Muslim Brotherhood organization and has a desire to get closer to the Arab world through Egypt, which is both a physical and ideological gate. However, after three decades of existence, it would be appropriate to expect more.

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