Over 100,000 Palestinian employees in Israel, number expected to grow

Today, the Israeli Manufacturers Association led a special tour to demonstrate the ability of industrial and economic strength as a bridge to peace with the Palestinians. Over 100 thousand Palestinian employees are currently working in Israel’s territories.
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Today (Thursday), Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Economy Minister Eli Cohen participated in a special tour led by the Manufacturers Association aimed at strengthening the industry and economy as a bridge to peace with the Palestinians.

There are currently over 100 thousand legal Palestinian employees working in Israel’s territory, a record number that is expected to grow by 25 percent during 2018. Approximately 73 thousand are employed within the Green Line and 32 thousand are employed in the West Bank and Atarot. Approximately 15 thousand of these employees are employed by Israeli industries.

A bridge to peace? Photo credit: Nati Shohat/ Flash 90

“The government of Israel recognized the huge economical advantage of employing Palestinian workers in Israel,” President of the Manufacturers Association Shraga Brosh said. “Their employment contributes to the security in the region and promotes economic peace between Israel and its neighbors….Thanks to these employees, the Israeli industry can continue to grow.”

Rivlin with heads of local communities Photo credit: GPO/ Channel 2 News

“This is where peace is made,” Rivlin said at a factory where Israelis and Palestinians work together to make tahini. “Peace between governments is peace as long as governments are loyal to their word. Peace between people is much harder to destroy.”

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