Following Trump's victory, PA leadership fears major policy shift

The Palestinian leadership is concerned that, under the newly-elected president, the Palestinian issue will gradually be taken off the international agenda.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Palestinian leaders on Wednesday did their best to behave diplomatically about Donald Trump's election victory, with both President Mahmoud Abbas and senior official Saeb Erekat sending him formal letters of congratulations. These letters, however, probably did not reflect their true sentiments.

It would be safe to assume that the Palestinian Authority was strongly hoping for a Clinton win, which would have ensured the continuation of President Obama's tough policies towards the Israeli handling of the conflict. Now, there is true concern in Ramallah that, under Trump, the Palestinian issue will gradually vanish from the international agenda.

Unlike Obama, who has imposed many restrictions on Netanyahu, Trump is expected to be much less involved and to allow Israel to act freely with regard to settlement construction.

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