Palestinian Jordanian dissident Mudar Zahran: “The UN Security Council Resolution is Abu Mazen’s ploy to stay in power”

In interview with JerusalemOnline, Palestinian dissident Mudar Zahran stressed that both Abu Mazen and Jordan’s king are on the verge of collapsing and that this recent UN Security Council Resolution was nothing more than a desperate attempt by the two leaders to stay in power.
Abu Mazen Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Days before Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as the next US President, the UN Security Council recently passed a resolution declaring Israeli settlements over the green line to be illegal.  In order to understand why the Palestinian Authority leadership is pushing for such a resolution at this time, JerusalemOnline interviewed Palestinian dissident Mudar Zahran, who stressed that it is a mere symptom of what is presently going on in the Palestinian Authority and Jordan too: “Both Abu Mazen and Jordan’s king are on their last legs. It doesn’t mean that they are falling tomorrow or next year but it means that both men are the last leaders of their regimes; there won’t be another PA President or Hashemite King.”

“Both men are desperate to stay in power as long as possible and both have different strategies on how to do that,” Zahran proclaimed.  “Jordan’s King took the strategy of exporting trouble to the region. For example, the New York Times, Reuters and the Daily Mail have all confirmed reports that Jordan’s King sold weapons to ISIS. This could never happen without the full approval of the King, who runs a police state. Basically, he thought that he could work both ends against the middle by supporting terrorists in Syria, making serious cash by buying ISIS oil and then telling the Americans that they need to keep him in order to assist the fight against ISIS. It did not work and it has backfired. I can confirm that some agencies in DC are already looking into his business dealings with ISIS.”

As for Abu Mazen, Zahran stressed that he thought that another Intifada could keep him in power: “This sentiment was also shared by the King especially after they both saw Trump coming. Trump could defund the PA and this means that the PA would fall.  If Abu Mazen falls, then the Jordanian king instantly falls. Both leaders are joint together. So, there was the Knife Intifada that we at the Jordanian Opposition Coalition warned about and then there was the Arson Intifada, which came 4 days after we warned that Abu Mazen and the King were planning the mother of all intifadas.”

Nevertheless, even though the Jordanian King and Abu Mazen supported the UN Security Council Resolution, Zahran believes that it actually is the worst thing that can happen to them: “Their tricks can make them disappear for it means that Israel will no longer be obliged to any bogus indefensible peace process and can move ahead with whatever it wants now that there is officially no peace partner. This also means that Israel will not help Abu Mazen when he begins to lose power even further and he can fall sooner or later.  The Jordanian king will fall soon afterwards.”

Given these facts, JerusalemOnline asked Zahran why the Palestinian leadership and Jordan’s King proceeded to push forward the UN Security Council Resolution anyways. He replied: “The Palestinian Authority and the King are betting on Israel’s weakness. They have gotten away with serious things such as the Knife Intifada and they thought that they could get away with this. I have warned for years that the more Jordan’s King stays in power, the more Israelis and Palestinians suffer from troubles, violence and unrest. Jordan has now fallen prey to Islamist terror. We have had 5 major terror attacks in 7 months. That is one every 40 days or so. The borders are also in question and another Intifada is in the making by the Jordanian King’s Intelligence Desk. Their downfall can be avoided if another Intifada is launched. However, the Israeli Intelligence has confirmed that both they and the Palestinian Intelligence, which operates separately from Abu Mazen, are working to thwart another Intifada. Meanwhile, the violence keeps escalating in Jordan and I fear that there is little time to save the country. Jordan’s King has nothing to lose and can do everything mindless.”

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