Temple Mount crisis: Parents of murdered Israeli-Druze policemen condemn terrorists’ funerals

The families of the two Israel Border policemen murdered in the Temple Mount terror attack had difficulty seeing footage from the massive funeral held for the terrorists in Umm al-Fahm, criticizing the Israeli government for allowing the event to take place. “We’re conquering our pain and know one thing – our sons are heroes and their heroism won’t be overturned by any abomination,” the parents said.

Terrorists' funeral procession in Umm al-Fahm

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Early this morning (Thursday) in Umm al-Fahm, funerals were held for the three terrorists who carried out the Temple Mount terror attack, in which the two Druze Israel Border policemen, Haiel Sitawe and Kamil Shnaan, were murdered. The two policemen’s fathers, Shakib Shnaan and Afif Sitawe, addressed the events during an interview this morning with Israel’s Army Radio making it clear that they do not seek revenge. “The Israeli government should have done everything possible to prevent such a rally and it’s a shame that it happened,” the mourning fathers stated.

The two slammed the masses who decided to attend the terrorists’ funerals. “They’re not martyrs, they’re murderers who don’t have any morality or human dignity,” they said. “They murdered people in cold blood for no reason. But, anybody who wants to can gather there. It doesn’t matter to us. We’re not seeking revenge. It’s not the first case of vile murderers and, unfortunately, not the last. We’re standing and conquering our pain and ultimately, we know one thing - our sons are heroes and their heroism won’t be overturned by any abomination.”

The terrorists’ funerals in Umm al-Fahm Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The fathers declined to address the issue of the metal detectors at the Temple Mount and made clear: “We don’t want our boys to be remembered as those who opened the way for riots. We’re not Security Cabinet members and we’re not IDF generals. The facts that were presented to the Security Cabinet were not presented to us and we salute the State of Israel, which stood with us in this situation.”

Thousands participated last night in the funerals of the three terrorists, whom they called “martyrs” during one of the largest funerals the area has seen. During the funeral procession, Palestinian flags were waved and chants were shouted: “The al-Aqsa mosque martyrs” and “in blood, in fire we’ll redeem you, martyr.”


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