Red Crescent: Dozens injured in clashes, riots on Temple Mount

For the first time since the Temple Mount terror attack in which two Israeli-Druze policemen were murdered and after the removal of the security inspection methods, thousands of worshippers entered Jerusalem’s holy compound. Entrance into the prayer compound was accompanied by stone throwing as the Israel Police responded with riot control measures.

Riots at Temple Mount

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Violent riots occurred this evening (Thursday) with the renewal of Muslim prayers at the Temple Mount compound. Shortly after thousands of worshippers entered, several of them began throwing rocks at policemen, during which some of the rocks fell inside the Western Wall plaza. Two policemen and a tourist were injured from the rock-throwing. Due to the riots, Yamam forces were deployed throughout the compound. As a result of the violent riots, al-Aqsa mosque director Omar Alcsoani stated that “Israel attacked the worshippers at the Temple Mount in order to please the radical right-wing. Tonight, a meeting will be held by the clergy in order to assess the situation.”

As reported earlier by JOL, thousands of Muslim worshippers entered the Temple Mount this afternoon in order to hold a mass prayer service for the first time since the deadly terror attack, in which two policemen were murdered two weeks ago. The masses pushed through the Lions' Gate after ten days of not praying at the site.

Palestinians celebrating the return to the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israel Police stated that following the Jerusalem District Commander’s order, Israel Police forces deployed at the scene began repelling the rioters by utilizing riot control methods. Furthermore, PLO flags raised on the compound were immediately confiscated by policemen. “The Police is deployed with reinforced forces within the Temple Mount area, the gates, entrances and the entire Old Basin area in order to maintain security and order,” the Israel Police stated.

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