Report: An Agreement for the Return of Missing Israeli Soldiers is Being Formulated

On the backdrop of the Egyptian-mediated contacts between Israel and Hamas, a senior member of the terrorist organization told a Turkish news agency that "a cease-fire is expected to be signed at the end of the month''.
Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul and Lieutenant Hadar Goldin. Gil Eliyahu

Will the captive Israelis in Gaza be released as part of the agreement between Israel and Hamas? Perhaps.

A source in the terrorist organization told the Turkish news agency Anadolu that the bodies of soldiers and civilians held captive by Hamas would be released as part of a cease-fire that is expected to be signed in August.

The source added in an interview that the Rafah crossing will be opened regularly and Israel will significantly reduce the restrictions imposed on the passage of goods at Kerem Shalom. The agreement is also expected to give impetus to the establishment of an airport and seaport in Sinai that will serve the population of Gaza. 

A member of the organization, who was interviewed on condition of anonymity, said that as part of the broader agreement, Hamas is expected to release the bodies of the late Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and the late Sgt. Oron Shaul, as well as Abra Mengistu and Hisham Shaaban a-Sayad. However, he did not specify when the exchange will be made.

According to the source, the Egyptian-brokered agreement would include an experimental cease-fire for two weeks, which would lead to a broader agreement for a further five-year ceasefire.




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