Palestinian riot in Hawara turned deadly when an Israeli shot at rioters who attacked his vehicle with stones

Hundreds of Palestinian youths rioted in the Hawara area and threw stones at Israeli vehicles passing by. A civilian in one of the cars that was attacked with rocks opened fire at the rioters. Palestinians reported that a young man was killed and three were wounded.

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Palestinian media outlets reported that a young man, 23, was killed and another was wounded by an Israeli citizen who fired at them, fearing for his life, during a riot near Hawara earlier today. According to other reports, the young man was critically injured.

During the riot of about 200 Palestinians, some apparently threw stones at Israeli vehicles driving past. Following the riots, the road leading to and from Nablus was blocked. According to a report by the Palestinian news agency Ma'an, the young man killed was Muataz Hussein Shamsa, 23, from Nablus.

Israeli vehicle attacked by stones during Hawara riot Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israelis who live in the settlements of Itamar, Gidonim and Alon More must drive through the Palestinian town of Hawara, on the outskirts of Nablus, in order to reach their homes. The details of the incident indicated that the Israeli civilians feared that they were in mortal danger, and fired their weapon when their car was being attacked with stones.

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