Reports on Russian media: “Abu Mazen agreed to meet with Netanyahu”

According to the reports on the Russian news agency Interfax, the President of the Palestinian Authority agreed in principle to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. However, the Palestinian Authority was skeptical: “The Russian leadership will be met with Israeli maneuvers.”
Will meet in Moscow? Netanyahu and Abu Mazen Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

According to the reports on the Russian news agency Interfax, President of the Palestinian National Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, the reports were met with skepticism from the PA.

Senior-level Fatah member Mohammed Hourani told Sky News Arabia that “we welcome the Russian effort. That being said, we estimate that President Putin and the Russian leadership will be met with Israeli maneuvers that have already begun today with Netanyahu’s announcement that he will consider accepting the invitation.” Hourani added that “even if Netanyahu agrees to meet, he will not deal with the core issues related to a final status agreement and to ending the occupation.” According to the reports, the Palestinian Embassy in Moscow confirmed that direct contacts had in fact taken place between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Netanyahu met this morning with Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to the Middle East. Among other things, the possibility of coordinating a meeting between Netanyahu and Abu Mazen was also discussed. The Israeli Prime Minister presented his stance on the matter, according to which he is always prepared to hold a meeting with Abu Mazen with no preconditions, and thus will examine the Russian President’s offer as well as the possible timing for holding such a meeting.

“Netanyahu’s acceptance of Putin’s offer to hold a summit meeting with Abu Mazen in Moscow should be congratulated,” stated Zionist Union MK Yossi Yona. “One hopes that both leaders go there with true and serious intentions and equipped with creative ideas and a willingness for mutual sacrifices in order to rescue the negotiations from the dead end they have reached. The Zionist Union will support any brave political process promoted by Netanyahu, even from the opposition.”

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