Lions' Gate-Temple Mount terror attack: 2 Israeli policemen murdered, another injured

This morning (Friday), three terrorists opened fire on Israelis near the Lions' Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem before engaging in a shoot-out with security forces at the Temple Mount Plaza. The terrorists were eliminated by security forces. The attack resulted in three casualties, one in moderate condition and two police officers who have been declared dead.

Footage from the shoot-out between the terrorists and security forces at the Temple Mount plaza

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Two Israelis were critically injured after being shot at the Lions' Gate in Jerusalem. The three terrorists then opened fire on Israelis at the Temple Mount plaza before being neutralized by security forces. The moderately injured Israeli was evacuated to Shaare Zedek. The two critically injured casualties who have been identified as police officers were evacuated to Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital were declared dead a short while ago. 

Security personnel are currently sweeping the area to rule out further attacks. The terror attack was particularly unusual as the shooting was carried out from within the Temple Mount area by a team of terrorists aiming towards a group of Israelis standing at the nearby Lions' Gate. In response to the attack, police closed down the Temple Mount plaza and prayer services were canceled.

The site of the terror attack Photo Credit: TPS/Channel 2 News

According to a preliminary investigation, it appears the three terrorists arrived at the Lions' Gate armed, opened fire on the Israelis and then fled towards the Temple Mount mosques. Security forces chased after and eliminated them. Two Karl-Gustav submachine guns, a handgun, and blue Israeli ID cards were found on the terrorists. The police's initial investigation revealed the terrorists were Israeli Arabs from the northern village of Umm al-Fahm in the Haifa District.

Police at the scene of the attack Photo Credit: TPS/Channel 2 News

MDA spokesman Zaki Heller said: "We received several reports of wounded people at the Lions' Gate. MDA paramedics and medics began life-saving procedures on the three people injured by gunfire. Two of them were critically injured and evacuated to a hospital and another who was moderately injured was evacuated as well."

Weapons found on the terrorists Photo Credit: Police Spokesperson/ Channel 2 News
Discovered knife Photo Credit: Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

MDA paramedics Israel Weingarten and Aharon Adler described the scene: "Near the Lions' Gate, police officers led us to 3 casualties from gunfire. We saw three men in their thirties receiving initial treatment from police at the scene. They suffered from gunshot wounds. Two of whom were in serious condition and given life-saving medical treatment...The third casualty was fully alert and conscious, walking around. He suffered from injuries sustained in the neck and extremities, and after initial medical treatment, he was evacuated to a hospital where his condition was defined as light to moderate and stable."

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