Kalandia Crossing: 14-year-old knife-wielding terrorist neutralized with pepper spray

Israeli Border Policemen thwarted a stabbing attack at the Kalandia Crossing, neutralizing the 14-year-old Palestinian terrorist with pepper spray before apprehending her. An earlier stabbing at the Old City's Lions’ Gate was found to be criminally motivated.
14-year-old Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab Border Police officers Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An Israeli Border Police officer thwarted an attempted stabbing attack at the Kalandia Crossing today (Saturday). A 14-year-old female Palestinian terrorist arrived at the crossing and pulled a knife out on the officers who neutralized her with pepper spray.

"A short while ago, a girl entered the Kalandia Crossing through the vehicular lane," the Israel Border Police said. "When they saw her, the security forces told her to stop but the girl did not obey their repeated instructions and continued walking towards them in a lane intended only for vehicles. As they saw that she was continuing towards them with a knife in hand, they followed the protocol for suspicious arrests and gained control over her. The girl’s knife was confiscated on site.”

The knife held by 14-year-old terrorist Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Earlier today, police forces were dispatched following a report of a man stabbed near Lions’ Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Initially, the stabbing was suspected of being a terror attack but further investigations revealed criminal motives. Magen David Adom medics treated the slightly injured 30-year-old man and evacuated him to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

The crime scene in Jerusalem's Old City gate Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to the initial police investigation, the injured man approached police officers stationed on Hagai Street. The questioning revealed that a physical confrontation broke out following an argument between him and a local. Police are searching for the suspected stabber. "When we arrived on scene, we saw a 30-year-old conscious man suffering from bleeding wounds in his upper body,” described MDA paramedic Israel Weingarten. “We administered first aid, bandaging his wounds to stop the bleeding, and evacuated him while he was fully conscious and alert to Shaare Zedek Hospital in light and stable condition."

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