Palestinian teacher and principal among Jerusalem terrorist supporters

Following the Jerusalem terror attack in which two Israelis were murdered, a picture of an East Jerusalem soccer club holding a sign praising the terrorist was released. It turns out that two of the men pictured receive salaries from the Israeli Education Ministry because one is a teacher and the other a principal at separate Jerusalem schools.
A teacher and principal are among the Jerusalem terrorist supporters Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Last week, following the Jerusalem shooting attack carried out by terrorist Musbah Abu Sabih in which two Israelis were murdered, a picture was released of an East Jerusalem soccer team holding up a sign of support bearing the terrorist’s picture. Today, it seems that two of the Jerusalem terrorist supporters are a teacher and principal who receive salaries from the Israeli Education Ministry.

“The Hilal al-Quds soccer club mourns for the al-Aqsa lion, the martyr, the hero Musbah Abu Sabih,” read the sign held by the East Jerusalem soccer club in solidarity with the terrorist.

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Terrorist Musbah Abu Sabih Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Channel 2 News discussed the matter with one of the two men from the picture asking him if he believes it contradictory that an educator within Israel receiving a salary from the Israeli Education Ministry expresses support for a terrorist who murdered Israelis. “It is possible that I was photographed, but I don’t care about these sort of matters,” the Palestinian man replied. “I am a teacher in a school and I respect the school along with the Education Ministry. These sort of things do not interest me.”

“If these things are in fact true, then this is severe incitement,” the Israeli Education Ministry said in response to the newfound information. “Minister Bennett ordered that those who were involved in the matter be summoned immediately for inquiry with the Education Ministry Director. Whoever incites against the State of Israel will not work in education.”

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