Israel Police official: Temple Mount security returns to condition prior to terror attack

The Jerusalem Police chief made clear that after removing the metal detectors and the security cameras, the Temple Mount’s inspection system does not provide complete security. There are fears of clashes and riots: five battalions will remain on alert in the West Bank, as a result of rises in incitement and calls for terror attacks.

Removing the camera stands last night

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While Israel tries to put out the flames towards Friday prayers, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf still is not prepared to announce a return to normalcy. Despite the removal of the security camera stands and means of inspection installed at the Temple Mount’s entrance, the al-Aqsa mosque director said this morning (Thursday) that a decision regarding further steps has not yet been made.

As a result of the recent developments, the Waqf established a technical committee in order to examine everything being conducted at the Temple Mount gates. “Those with authority within religious law will be examined in the committee’s report and a decision will be made accordingly whether to pray in the mosque or outside of it,” stated al-Aqsa mosque director Omar Alcsaoni.

Israel Police preparations in the Old City Photo Credits: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

According to Israel Police Jerusalem District Commander Major General Yoram HaLevi, the security at the Temple Mount has completely returned to its state prior to the terror attack from two weeks ago and stated that there is no sign of the security changes that were installed at the compound. HaLevi added that the decision to remove the new security cameras was made based on the fact that the cameras had no purpose.

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