First time since terror attack: Jews, tourists ascend Temple Mount

Hundreds of Muslim worshipers already entered the Temple Mount this morning and police will allow Jews and tourists to enter as well for the first time since Friday’s deadly terror attack. No riots have been reported so far but dozens of Muslims continue to protest against the security inspections.

Watch: Riots at the Temple Mount yesterday following reopening of holy site

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While the strict inspection of Temple Mount visitors continues this morning (Monday), all the streets in East Jerusalem and the Old City were reopened. In addition, there are no more restrictions on entering the Old City. The Israel Police stated that no riots have been reported so far.

“The morning prayers at the Temple Mount were held in an orderly fashion,” the police stated. Four gates were opened, three for Muslim worshipers and the Mughrabi Gate, through which Jews and tourists enter. Hundreds of Muslims have already passed through the metal detectors.

Tourists head to Temple Mount, this morning Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Jewish visitors to the site said that the place was relatively deserted due to the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf’s protest against the inspection. According to the police, several dozen Muslims are refusing to be examined by metal detectors and therefore remain outside of the holy site. While the Jerusalem District Police hopes to bring the life in East Jerusalem back to its full routine, everyone is aware that the true test will be the afternoon prayer service- the central prayer service at the Temple Mount.

No clashes reported so far today Photo Credit: Yehuda Etzion/ Channel 2 News

As reported yesterday by JOL, riots between Muslims and the police forces at the scene broke out in light of the new security measures. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified that the metal detectors will remain at the Temple Mount.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

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