Palestinian terrorist tried to stab Israeli soldiers and was neutralized in Hawara

A Palestinian terrorist approached soldiers in Hawara and was neutralized. The terrorist was evacuated to receive medical treatment.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An attempted terror attack was thwarted today in Hawara in the West Bank near Brigades Square. The Palestinian terrorist approached Israeli soldiers with a knife in his hand and he was neutralized in the area. The initial investigation revealed that the Palestinian terrorist is a relative of another Palestinian terrorist, who JOL reported yesterday also tried to stab Israeli soldiers and was neutralized. 

The Palestinian terrorist who was neutralized yesterday was critically injured in the incident. There were no other injuries from the attempted terror attack. The Palestinian terrorist from yesterday was neutralized by a Golani soldier who was guarding the area together with his colleague.

A few days ago, JOL reported that a female terrorist slightly injured an Israeli woman at the Qalandiya Checkpoint. Magen David Adom evacuated the Israeli woman to Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. The female terrorist was arrested by Israeli Security Forces.

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