Watch: Violent clash between Jews and Palestinians in Hebron leaves 3 injured

IDF forces responded to a scene in Hebron last night (Friday) after a violent altercation broke out between Jews and Palestinians in which rocks were thrown. A Jewish man and two Palestinians were injured and evacuated for medical attention.
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A Jewish man and two Palestinians were injured last night (Friday) during an altercation in Hebron in which rocks were thrown. IDF forces dispatched to the scene separated between the two sides, and all casualties were evacuated for medical attention. Since last night, IDF forces have been stationed at the nearby intersection and are patrolling the entire area to prevent further violent clashes.

In the video from the incident the two parties can be heard cursing each other in Hebrew and Arabic, and even seen hitting one another before IDF forces act to separate them. The Palestinian who filmed the footage is heard telling the soldiers he was attacked with rocks, while the Jews are heard saying “do not fight with soldiers.”  

As reported yesterday by JOL, 70 settlers were pelted with rocks on Saturday while on an unauthorized trip in the area of Binyamin and the Palestinian village of Jibiya in the West Bank. The IDF said that the settlers had requested security authorization which was denied by the IDF due to recent tensions.

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