Temple Mount: Tensions high as Muslim worshipers clash with police over new security measures

According to Palestinian reports, seven people were injured in clashes near the Temple Mount after hundreds of Muslim worshipers protested against the newly-installed metal detectors at the compound. The Israel Police responded with stun grenades and riot control measures.

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Temple Mount riots continue: Dozens of Palestinians clashed with the Israel Police and security forces near the Temple Mount compound on Monday after many Muslim worshipers visiting the site refused to pass through the new metal detectors. The metal detectors were installed yesterday following the terror attack that occurred over the weekend in which two police officers were murdered.

According to Palestinian media reports, at least seven demonstrators were injured including Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a senior Palestinian official, who was hit by a rubber bullet. After the clashes broke out, the police were forced to disperse the crowd with stun grenades and riot control measures.

The Israel Police reported that despite the protests, hundreds of Muslim worshipers entered the compound without incident, as did groups of tourists and Jewish visitors.

The Temple Mount | Archive Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90

The Israeli government agreed to reopen the compound on Sunday on the condition that security measures would be increased- thus checkpoints were installed at all entrances to the Temple Mount, requiring all visitors to go through metal detectors before entering the site. Up until this point, the only checkpoint on the compound was used by Jewish visitors and tourists.

On Sunday, Jerusalem Islamic Waqf officials called on Muslim worshipers  to refuse to pass through the metal detectors on the compound, saying that it is "an embarrassment to go through a checkpoint of the occupation to Al-Aqsa.” Three people have already been arrested for preventing other worshipers from entering the site through the metal detectors.

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