Watch: 2 off-duty soldiers accidentally enter Palestinian town

Palestinian policemen and members of Rabbis for Human Rights helped peacefully remove two Israelis from Qusra after they accidentally entered the Palestinian village.

Watch: Two Israelis removed from Qusra

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Two Israelis accidentally entered the Palestinian village of Qusra in the northern West Bank today (Friday). The two were safely rescued by Palestinian policemen and members of Rabbis for Human Rights.

The two Israelis are currently in IDF custody while the circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Qusra residents initially suspected the two Israelis of being radical settlers looking for trouble because they arrived via the same route used by settlers.

Qusra residents escort Israelis out of village Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Although at first there was a brief moment of tension, once the Palestinian residents were convinced the Israelis were just innocent hikers, police secured their safe removal from the village. It appears that the Israelis were off-duty soldiers.

Rabbis for Human Rights' field coordinator Zacharia Sadeh rushed to the scene to help resolve the incident peacefully. The organization emphasized that this incident took place amid growing tensions in the area following a recent wave of hate crimes, some of which were committed against Qusra's residents.

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