Watch: Muslim worshipers return to Temple Mount for first time since terror attack

For the first time since the deadly terror attack at the Temple Mount, thousands of worshipers have entered the site. The entrance to the prayer compound was accompanied by riots due to overcrowding and the worshipers’ demand to open another entrance to the site.
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Today (Thursday), thousands of Muslim worshipers entered the Temple Mount in order to hold a mass prayer for the first time since the deadly terror attack at the Temple Mount, in which two Israeli police officers were murdered.

The massive crowd entered through the Lion’s Gate after ten days of not praying at the site. While entering, the worshipers demanded to open the rest of the gates leading to the Temple Mount, including gates that weren’t open even prior to the terror attack. It is estimated that the government won’t accept this demand. Security authorities believe that the Waqf will understand that the new demand will not be met and will withdraw it.

Several hours after the Palestinian leaders called Muslims worshipers to return to the Temple Mount, Chief of the Israel Police Roni Alsheikh arrived at the site and discussed the security tensions.

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