Report: Assad targeting markets, mosques after US missile strike

At least three people were killed and dozens more injured in attacks carried out by Syrian and Russian forces near Damascus. According to local reports, the attacks targeted populated areas such as markets and mosques.

Watch: Mosques near Damascus destroyed in alleged Assad attacks

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After the chemical attack in Idlib and the U.S. military response in Homs, it was reported that populated areas near Damascus were intentionally targeted by Russian and Syrian forces. At least three people were killed in the attacks on Saturday morning and dozens more were injured.

According to the reports from a media outlet in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian and Russian forces have increased their attacks targeting populated areas. The forces are reportedly targeting crowded mosques and markets. Many women and children were the victims of these latest attacks.

Damage near Damascus Photo Credit: Screenshot/Channel 2 News

It was reported this morning that extensive damage was caused to a large 12th-century mosque in Arbin. “If this is revenge, so attack us in the battlefield face to face,” said one resident. “In regard to the revenge in the places of worship, we are leaving the decision to Allah.”

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