4 years imprisonment to mother who joined ISIS together with her husband and children

The court sentenced Sabrin Zavidat of Sakhnin to 50 months imprisonment after joining ISIS together with her husband and children. The judge also imposed a monetary fine on her: “She identified with a terror organization.”
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Sabrin Zavidat from Sakhnin was convicted today of joining ISIS together with her husband and 3 children. She was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. The Haifa District Court received the serious indictment filed against her in October 2016 while her husbands’ trial is still underway.

Her husband Wisam fought for ISIS in Mosul while Sabrin worked in a local hospital and the children were educated in a local school. “The accused identified with a terror organization,” Judge Avraham Elakim stated in his judgement.

The couple was accused of contact with a foreign agent, leaving Israel illegally, membership in an unlawful association and performing work and service for an illegal organization. In their interrogation, the couple admitted to the crimes attributed towards them.

The trial of the husband Wisam is still being conducted and therefore, there won’t be a ruling regarding him today. “I decided to return to Israel on my own but this does not say that I regret what I did,” he told Channel 2 News in one of the court hearings.

During the course of the trial, Judge Avraham Elakim ruled 4 months ago that Sabrin should not appear in court anymore wearing niqab (Islamic face covering) and will be forced to appear with her face uncovered.

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