Following ISIS' defeat in Mosul, Raqqa under siege

Opposition forces in Syria, with the help of the Kurdish and US-backed SDF fighters, successfully surrounded the city Raqqa, the capital of ISIS. Over the past few hours, the joint forces managed to take control of the last access road leading to the big city, preventing the ISIS terrorists from escaping.

Watch: ISIS losing power in Raqqa

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Reports from Syria on Thursday revealed that a siege has begun around the city of Raqqa, ISIS' capital in Syria. According to the reports, Kurdish and US-backed SDF fighters cut off the last escape route in and out of Raqqa and successfully prevented ISIS terrorists from fleeing the city.

Earlier today, JOL reported that the Iraqi Army was already declaring victory over ISIS in Mosul following numerous battles throughout the city. A successful attack against Raqqa would be a significant blow for ISIS.

After Mosul defeat, Raqqa under siege Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Analysts from IHS informed the AFP news agency that ISIS has lost about 60 percent of its territory and 80 percent of its profits since the fighting began. In January 2015, the terrorist organization controlled 34,749 square miles, but by June 2017- before the latest attack- the organization's territory was reduced to about 13,899 square miles. Experts estimate that following the attacks in Raqqa and Mosul, the so-called Islamic caliphate will not survive until the end of the year.

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