Intelligence agents return from Syria claiming Assad still possesses deadliest chemicals

In the wake of the airstrike in Idlib in which dozens were killed, intelligence agents told Channel 2 News that despite Assad’s declaration, his regime is still stockpiling some of the world’s deadliest weapons of mass destruction, including nerve gas.

Reporter at bombed hospital in Idlib

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Following the chemical weapons attack in Syria today (Tuesday) in which dozens — including children — were killed, officials from a Western intelligence source who returned from Syria told Channel 2 News that the threat posed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is extremely grave. Despite his declarations, his army still possesses several of the most dangerous unconventional substances in existence.

According to these sources, the use of chemical weapons such as chlorine by Assad’s army is not new. However, the airstrike that took place this morning in Idlib claiming dozens of lives utilized sarin nerve gas: a lethal gas that has been defined by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction and has been prohibited for use and collection by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Attack in Syria Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Chemical weapons have not been used in Syria since 2013, when Assad’s army murdered more than 1,000 people in Damascus suburbs. Afterwards, the Syrian regime agreed to destroy the unconventional weapons in its possession following international pressure. However, according to the intelligence sources who spoke with Channel 2 News and from testimonies coming out of Syria, Assad apparently kept stockpiles of the deadly gas and other substances.

“We recognize an increased use of chemical substances in the fighting within Syria,” the intelligence sources noted. “Inspectors check every complaint on the ground. The Syrian army itself conducted several chemical airstrikes - mainly chlorine, usually by dropping from helicopters. But this time, nerve gas was used and this is extremely grave.”

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