Battle for Mosul: American news crew caught in exchange of fire

The Iraqi Army, Kurdish Peshmerga and Shiite militias continue to operate in order to expel ISIS from Mosul. This morning, a CNN crew got caught in an exchange of fire just outside of Iraq’s second-largest city.

The extensive battle for Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq, continues this morning (Tuesday). Iraqi Army forces, Kurdish Peshmerga troops and Shiite militias along with the support of the US-led coalition against ISIS have been operating for over a day in order to expel the murderous terrorist organization from the city. A CNN crew that was accompanying the forces got caught in an exchange of fire with ISIS members.

CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh was reporting just outside of Mosul when there was an explosion. CNN stated that none of the crew members were injured. According to reports, at least one Iraqi soldier was killed and another two were injured when a car bomb exploded about 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) outside of the city.

A senior level Iraqi military official said that 10 ISIS members were killed during the battles in the area. Yesterday, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said that the “Iraqi forces have met their objectives so far and that they are ahead of schedule for this first day.” However, Cook added that the operation will be difficult and long. So far, the Iraqi forces have regained control of about 100 square kilometers (approximately 38 square miles), expelling ISIS from nine villages.

Yesterday, JOL reported that the operation to liberate Mosul began after several long weeks of preparations.

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