Car bomb explodes near Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

At least 5 people were injured in a car bomb explosion near Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Local media outlets reported that many military personnel and ambulances have been seen near the site of the explosion.
Istanbul. (Archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A car bomb exploded today (Thursday) near a police station in Istanbul, Turkey. The police station is located near the Ataturk Airport. Local media outlets reported that at least 5 people were injured.

Turkish media outlets released pictures of ambulances driving towards the explosion site and military personnel spreading out in the area. In the last couple of months, Turkey suffered several terror attacks that were blamed on the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) or ISIS.

Around 50 people were killed and over 90 injured in a car bombing in the city of Gaziantep in August. The explosion happened during the middle of a large wedding and no organization claimed responsibility.

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