UNHCR Spokesperson on ceasefire: “I hope that it’s the beginning to a solution”

Almost a whole day has passed since the ceasefire went into effect in Syria and the humanitarian aid trucks continue to cross the Turkish-Syrian border, making their way to the Syrians who desperately need the supplies.
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After five and a half years of a bloody war that turned millions of people into refugees, Syria woke up this morning (Tuesday) to what will hopefully be the first full day of the ceasefire. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today that the official death toll of the war has passed the 300,000 threshold.   

“We hope that good will come of this calm period,” said Firas al-Khateeb, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Spokesperson in Syria, to Channel 2 Online today. “We really needed this quietness. This is a chance for us to transfer crucial aid to the whole country. The serious battles prevented us from reaching many areas. It’s hard to predict whether this is the end of the war but I hope that it’s the beginning to a solution.”

“We want quietness that will continue for a while,” said Nori, a resident of Damascus. “We need peace, not quietness that will continue for just two days and then the fighting will start up again. With the help of God, this ceasefire will turn into something good and real.” Abdo, another Damascus resident, said: “This is a good gesture that needs to lead to reconciliation, the end of the bloodshed and an attempt to restore our country.”

Reuters reported that in the late morning hours, about 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid crossed the Turkish-Syrian border. The UN and Turkey said that they intend to send more trucks filled with food, medical supplies, clothes and toys into Syria over the next few days.

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