Egypt: Dozens killed in deadly train crash

Two trains crashed into each other in the Egyptian city of Alexandria on Friday. Dozens of people were killed and some 100 were injured. The rescue efforts at the crash site are still underway.

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At least 36 people were killed and some 100 were injured when two trains collided in Alexandria, Egypt, on Friday. The crash occurred near a station that leads to the capital city of Cairo.

One of the trains was traveling from Cairo while the other was coming from Port Said. It appears that a malfunction in the railroad switch system caused the serious accident. So far, dozens of bodies have been recovered from the crash site. The Egyptian state prosecutor has ordered that an emergency investigation into the tragedy be conducted. The rescue efforts at the crash site continue as it is believed that there are still passengers trapped in the two trains.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“The train aboard which I was traveling was going fast on the rails,” recalled one survivor. “All of a sudden, I found myself lying on the ground. When we got out of the car, we saw four crushed cars and a lot of people lying on the ground.” Five years ago, 50 people were killed when a train crashed into a bus near a school in southern Cairo. Many of the victims were children.

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