Hamas agrees to Egyptian demand to apply pressure on Islamic Jihad

In the wake of the recent tensions in southern Israel following the IDF’s demolition of a terror tunnel and just one day prior to handing control of the borders over to the Palestinian Authority, Egyptian intelligence and security officials warn Hamas that now is not the time for violence. Hamas agreed to pressure the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in order to delay their response against Israel.
Terror tunnel explosion in Gaza Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In contrast to the Hamas Political Bureau head Ismail Haniyeh’s belligerent rhetoric, the terrorist organization agreed to Egypt’s demand for Hamas to apply pressure on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in order to delay their response against Israel. Following the IDF’s demolition of the terror tunnel yesterday, in which nine Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists died, the Egyptians called for Hamas to utilize restraint.

The Egyptian delegation, among whom several were senior-level intelligence officials, arrived in the Gaza Strip today (Tuesday). They made clear to Hamas terror officials that now is not the time for violence and Hamas agreed. Despite the outrage regarding the attack, Hamas’s highest priority is to bring Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s money to the Gaza Strip as part of the Palestinian reconciliation deal.

The terrorist organization has found itself in a difficult economic crisis, as the salaries alone of 40 to 50,000 secretaries appointed by Hamas in order to manage the political aspects will cost the terrorist organization $600 million per year. The Egyptians went to Gaza in order to prepare the ground for the transfer of border control to the Palestinian Authority and in order to solicit the Islamic Jihad to restrain itself for monetary purposes.

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