Egyptian President excited about Trump’s presidency

The Egyptian President spoke today about US President-elect Donald Trump and the future relationship between his country and America under the next administration. “Let’s not jump to conclusions or start to worry,” he said in regards to Trump.
Trump and el-Sisi Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi spoke today (Saturday) about the future cooperation between his country and US President-elect Donald Trump. During an interview with the Portuguese news agency LUSA, el-Sisi commented on the statements made by Trump during his election campaign in regards to Muslims and the countries in the Middle East, saying: “Let’s not jump to conclusions or start to worry.”

 “We need to distinguish between the rhetoric during the presidential campaign and the actual actions of the administration after the inauguration,” el-Sisi continued. El-sisi, who is scheduled to visit Portugal next week, was one of the first world leaders to call Trump and congratulate him on his presidential victory.

 “I believe that President Donald Trump will be very involved in regional issues,” added el-Sisi. “As a matter of fact, he has shown a deep and great understanding of what is taking place in the region as a whole and Egypt in particular. I am looking forward to the continuation of our reinforced bilateral relations."

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