On fifth day of Turkey's offensive in Syria, Erdoğan threatens to expand it

The Turkish president told leaders of provinces he is planning to extend his army's offensive in Syria to the town of Manbij, which is controlled by US-backed Kurdish forces.
Erdoğan Photo credit: Kremlin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday threatened to extend his country's military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria.

Speaking in Ankara before leaders of Turkish provinces, Erdoğan vowed to extend the operation to the town of Manbij east of Aleppo, a move that could lead to clashes between Turkish and NATO forces.

On Saturday, Turkish fighter jets began to bombard targets in the Afrin region, which is controlled by US-backed Kurds. Turkey said in an official statement that it had hit 108 Kurdish targets. A Kurdish militia official said several people have been hurt, including in residential areas.

The Russian government has stated that it will urge the UN to put a stop to Turkey's military operation in Syria. "Syria will not be alone in its demand to stop the offensive," said a Russian parliament member. "Russia will provide Syria will diplomatic support."

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