Reports of explosions at Iranian electronic warfare facility in Syria

Heavy explosions were heard Monday morning near an Iranian base south of Damascus. No reports of injuries or damage have surfaced. The cause of the blasts is currently unknown.
Photo of the Israel-Syria border at Quneitra Photo Credit: Imrich via Wikimedia Commons

A series of explosions were heard at an Iranian base south of Damascus, Sky News Arabia reported early Monday morning.

Heavy explosions rocked the Iranian base in the Najah area south of the capital, near the international airport. According to the report, the explosions took place at the headquarters of the electronic warfare facility and the State Security Academy, where Iranian militias are located.

No injuries or damage were reported and the cause of the blasts is currently unknown.

On Friday, Syrian media reported that a large number of people killed in another series of explosions without known origins. According to reports, between 11 and 40 people were killed, and apparently, all the missiles brought by an Iranian airliner after the attack attributed to Israel on Iranian military positions in Syria earlier this month were destroyed.

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