Israel reprimands Turkish ambassador following Erdogan's meeting with Hamdallah

Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yuval Rotem summoned Turkish Ambassador Kemal Ökem in order to reprimand him after the Turkish President claimed that "Israel is a racist country and is adopting a policy of discrimination."
Erdogan angers Israel Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 news

As reported earlier by JOL, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah yesterday and discussed ways “to defend against the Judaization of Jerusalem.” They also blamed the political turmoil in the region on "Israel's violations" and made plans to work together in the future against the said violations. 

Following the meeting, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in response that "whoever systematically violates human rights in his country should not preach morality to the only true democracy in the region. Israel strictly observes full freedom of religion for Jews, Muslims and Christians and will continue to do so in spite of baseless slander." Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yuval Rotem summoned Turkish Ambassador to Israel Kemal Ökem in order to reprimand him following Erdogan's harsh words against Israel.

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Erdogan and Hamdallah at yesterday's meeting Photo Credit: Maan News Agency/ Channel 2 News

Kemal Ökem was appointed as Turkey's Ambassador to Israel in October 2016. Okem had previously served as a chief adviser on foreign affairs to Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. Ökem's appointment as ambassador to Israel finalized the historic reconciliation agreement between Turkey and Israel in which Israel agreed to financially compensate Turkey following the Gaza flotilla crisis.

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