Palestinians blame Israel for crisis in Gaza: "People are unable to live"

According to Sami Abid, a resident of Gaza City, the Gazans' situation is becoming a humanitarian crisis. Abid blamed the Israeli government for the terrible situation.
Areas in Gaza left destroyed Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the background of warnings made by Israel's Chief of the Military Intelligence Directorate regarding the Palestinians’ difficult situation in the Gaza Strip, a Gazan resident described the situation to Channel 2 News Online. "In Gaza, life is so hard,” said Sami Abid, a resident of Gaza City. “People are unable to live.”

One of the conclusions of the Operation Protective Edge report was that the cabinet had not discussed alternative policies to war. In light of this, Israeli Chief of the Military Intelligence Directorate Major General Herzi Halevi warned the Knesset of the difficult situation of the Palestinians in the territories last week. "The situation in the territories may erupt if the Palestinians feel they have no political horizon," Halevi said. "Gaza is on the verge of a crisis."

"All of Gaza is unemployed" Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Abid further described the situation and explained that the main strains are due to high unemployment rates and the restrictions imposed by the IDF on the residents. "All of Gaza is unemployed – there is an 85 percent unemployment rate," said Abid. "People move a lot: they have no work, money and food. They wait for 10 shekels. People started saying that living in Sderot is great while there is no food in Beit Hanoun."

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

"The Israeli government encloses Gaza and residents in turn are experiencing great suffering," continued Abid. "[There are] no salaries, no power [and] no authority. There is nothing - how are we to live? Nobody buys and no one sells. Everyone wants to sell in order to buy food but they don’t have any. Every day, 10-15 people want to clean the house because they have no money. This is the worst economic situation in the world.”

Abid calls it "the worst economic situation in the world" Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to Abid, the Hamas regime does not help the residents. "Gaza is very secure, more than Tel Aviv; there is no crime but there is also no money,” said Abid. "We are angry with the Israeli government, angry at the world, but we do not know to whom to turn. We pray for war, [we are] dying of hunger [and] we have nothing to eat. We would rather die from the bombs of the war.”

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