Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas' most wanted member, leaves Qatar for Beirut

Saleh al-Arouri, considered to be Hamas' most wanted member, has apparently been relocated from Qatar to Beirut. Al-Arouri has moved between Syria, Turkey and Qatar in recent years and was reportedly among the Hamas leaders asked to leave Qatar.
Saleh al-Arouri | Archive Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Saleh al-Arouri, senior level member and most wanted Hamas terrorist, is responsible for directing countless terror cells and terrorist attacks in Israel and the West Bank. Due to the deteriorating diplomatic relations between Qatar and Arab Gulf states, numerous Hamas terrorists were asked to leave Qatar- Saleh al-Arouri among them.

Rumors had hitherto indicated that al-Arouri was expected to move to Malaysia or Lebanon. This evening, Channel 2's Main Newscast revealed that al-Arouri has been taken under the auspices of Hezbollah.

Palestinian sources have confirmed that al-Arouri, along with two other senior level Hamas members, has found a home in the Dahiya quarter of Beirut. Particularly following the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Lebanon, the Dahiya quarter has enjoyed extra protection with checkpoints guarding each entry point to the sector.

It is possible that al-Arouri's move to Dahiya stems from the fact that the variety of host countries is limited, but may also be attributed to fear of Israel's long reach in the region.

A month ago, with the onset of the international crisis between Qatar and the Arab Gulf states, Hamas issued a formal denial of the Al Mayadeen network's report that Qatar had given Hamas a list of members who were required to leave the country. "False reports were circulated in the media, which is trying to slander and harm Hamas' foreign relations," Hamas' spokesman Husam Badran said at the time.

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