Iran planned to take over Yemen, Saudi official claims

According to a Saudi official, Iran planned to take over Yemen in order to strengthen Al-Qaeda and ISIS and this is one of the reasons his country launched Operation Decisive Storm in 2015.
The conflict in Yemen continues Photo Credit: EPA

According to the Saudi Gazette, Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Muhammad al-Jaber claimed that Tehran planned to take over Yemen in order to help strengthen Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Speaking to Saudi Arabia’s Rotana TV channel, al-Jaber said that Iran has already used this method to strengthen the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

Al-Jaber also stated that the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, code named Operation Decisive Storm, was launched for several reasons. Aside from the purpose of expelling Al-Qaeda and ISIS from Yemen and supporting the Yemenite government, al-Jaber said that the coalition also wanted to stop Iranian-backed terrorists from destroying the country and the Yemeni people.

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