Iran reports successful launch of satellite-carrying rocket into space

Iranian news outlets reported about the successful launch of a satellite-carrying rocket into space. The rocket that was launched is based on Shahab military technology and specialists warn of the possible consequences of significant progress within Iran’s missile program.
The Iranian rocket that was launched Photo Credit: Iranian media/Channel 2 News

News outlets in Iran reported this evening (Thursday) that the country had carried out the successful launch of the “Simorgh” rocket capable of carrying 250 kg satellites into the orbit at a height of 500 km above Earth. The launch of the “Simorgh,” which means “Phoenix” in Persian and is based on Shahab rocket technology, demonstrates Iranian capability with advanced technology.

The rocket launch comes following the harsh criticism heard over the past few weeks from the White House concerning the rocket launches and developments of Iran’s ballistic missile program. “If that deal doesn’t conform to what it’s supposed to conform to, it’s going to be big, big problems for them. That I can tell you. Believe me,” Trump stated earlier this week regarding Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal.

“You would’ve thought they would’ve said ‘thank you, United States. We really love you very much.’ Instead, they’ve become emboldened. That won’t take place much longer,” Trump added.

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