Iraqi Army discovers mass grave carrying 100 decapitated bodies south of Mosul

The Iraqi Army’s advancement towards Mosul continues to unveil the horrors committed by ISIS in the area, as a mass grave in which more than 100 decapitated bodies were buried was discovered today south of the city.
More ISIS horrors revealed Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

With the military offensive to conquer Mosul from the hands of ISIS entering its fourth week, the Iraqi Army discovered a mass grave today (Monday) south of the Iraqi city in which more than 100 decapitated bodies were buried. The Iraqi soldiers reported that the state of the bodies made it difficult to determine whether they belonged to civilians or soldiers.

Earlier today, Kurdish Peshmerga forces attacked several ISIS-controlled towns northeast of Mosul in an attempt to wipe out pockets of resistance belonging to the terror organization. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army engaged in urban warfare with ISIS terrorists in Mosul’s eastern neighborhoods.

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Iraqi forces continue their advancement towards Mosul Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Around 2,000 Peshmerga fighters and U.S. Special Forces entered Bashiqa today, located 15 kilometers northeast of Mosul, after the Iraqi town had been attacked with heavy artillery fire in advance. “Our aim is to take over the town and cleanse it of all ISIS terrorists,” a senior-level officer told Reuters.

The officer estimated that there were around 100 ISIS terrorists still left in the town as well as 10 car bombs, a method used by ISIS to try and thwart the advance of the coalition forces. According to Iraqi commanders, around 100 car bombs have been detonated on the eastern front and another 140 on the southern front thus far. A senior-level Kurdish official told Reuters that ISIS has also been using snipers, drones strapped with explosives and long-range artillery shells filled with chlorine gas and mustard gas.

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