A city under siege? ISIS presents a quite normal Mosul

The reports about the operation to take back the city of Mosul, Iraq that are headlining every news network worldwide tell of a humanitarian crisis and a city under siege. However, ISIS shows in this video a different reality from the claims of the ongoing battles. "Everything is normal, we are safe here," said a Mosul resident.

ISIS shows life is normal in Mosul

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While the international media shows a burning battlefield and a humanitarian crisis in Mosul, ISIS portrays a completely opposite reality. The video that ISIS published is trying to show that life in the city is carrying on as usual while the Iraqi Army and Kurdish forces are advancing toward the city.

The video, which is titled “Interviews with citizens of Mosul as the military operation against the city begins,” shows a citizen stating: "Thank God there is no problem in Mosul, there's security and life is normal." Additionally, the man said in the video that was allegedly taped yesterday (Monday): "The international media is lying, all of their reports are lies."

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

While international media tells of the Kurd's fight at the northern part of Mosul, the video ISIS released shows an active main street, market and restaurants as people going about their life normally.

One of the people in the market says to the camera: "Things in Mosul are better than normal. Everything is normal, the traffic, the business and the people. The television shows whatever it wants to." ISIS claimed that these shots were all taken yesterday in a neighborhood in Mosul called Bab Jadid.

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