ISIS declares new Egyptian target following Sisi's state of emergency

According to Channel 2 analyst Yaron Schneider, the terror attack yesterday in the Saint Catherine Monastery indicates that the murderous terror organization has sent a clear message to the Egyptian government indicating that despite the state of emergency, they are capable of striking in the Southern Sinai not too far away from popular tourist destinations.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As reported earlier on JOL, ISIS claimed responsibility this morning for the murderous terror attack yesterday in the Sinai at the Saint Catherine Monastery, where an Egyptian policeman was killed and 4 others were wounded. According to Channel 2 analyst Yaron Schneider, this incident marks the crossing of a red line by the murderous terror group.

Despite the state of emergency in Egypt and despite the efforts by the Egyptian government to fight against ISIS, the murderous terror group proved that it can strike in the Southern Sinai not too far away from popular tourist destinations along the shores of the Red Sea.

ISIS concentrated their attack upon the main route for traffic leading towards the monastery and opened fire on police officers guarding the place. The monastery is located near Gabal Musa, otherwise known as Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai, which is a popular tourist destination for Israelis.

According to Schneider, ISIS has directed their recent terror attacks mainly at Christian holy sites including a terror attack inside a Coptic church in Cairo, another church in North Delta and now the shooting near the monastery in the Sinai. This comes after the murderous terror attacks in Alexandria and Tanta.

Therefore, Schneider emphasized that the murderous terror group is sending a clear message that it is determined to expand the range of its attacks and add new Egyptian targets to their list. According to him, that is what stands behind the shooting yesterday.

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