Turkey together with Islamist rebels expelled ISIS from the Turkish-Syrian border

Erdogan and his military together with Syrian rebels have pushed ISIS to be 91 kilometers away from the Turkish-Syrian border. This is said to be another major blow for the murderous terror organization, who lost one of its senior level members last week.
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Last night, the Turkish government announced that ISIS was expelled from the Syrian-Turkish border. Their expulsion was completed after Syrian rebels with the assistance of Turkish forces finished occupying one of the areas that was recently held by ISIS. This effectively forced ISIS to be 91 kilometers away from the border.  Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirum told ABC News: “From Jarbulus to Azouz, our 91 kilometer border has been completely secured.  All terrorist organizations have been repulsed and they are gone.”

Turkey is celebrating this achievement, which has also distanced Kurdish fighters from their territory, who had recently been making gains in the north. Syrian Kurdish groups reported that Turkey at first seized ISIS held areas before pushing south into areas held by Kurdish militias, who are also fighting against ISIS. Now, according to Arutz Sheva, Turkish forces together with Syrian rebels, some of which are part of Islamist groups that are backed by the Ankara-led government, are located in-between the two Kurdish cantons of Afrin and Kobane.

Syrian Kurdish dissident Sherkoh Abbas finds the whole Turkish invasion of Jarbulus to be suspicious: “Turkey is liberating the Kurdish region of Syria from ISIS with the help of Free Syrian Army fighters that are the same as ISIS. See their flag in Jarbulus after the liberation. Too many questions for Turkish officials. How come one day before the Turkish invasion, no one was allowed to be near the border with Jarbulus? How come it only took hours to get the city liberated? Where are the injured ISIS fighters? Where are the bodies of the ISIS fighters? Where are the captured ISIS fighters? How did they disappear and to where? Who are the Free Syrian Army? Did the ISIS fighters change clothes and join the FSA?” According to Abbas, “Turkey is willing to accept ISIS or some derivatives of ISIS in Syria; however, they are dead fast against the Kurds. Now a new form of ISIS is in charge. The same ISIS fighters are Free Syrian Army and Turkmen fighters.”

Photo Credit: Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria

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