ISIS reportedly attacked US military base in Iraq with chemical weapons

US officials claim that the ISIS terror organization fired an artillery shell containing mustard gas at a US Air Force base in Iraq. Nobody was injured and it is estimated that the gas was of very low quality.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

This evening (Thursday), CNN reported that the ISIS terror organization had seemingly fired an artillery shell containing mustard gas at a US military base in Iraq. According to a senior level US official, nobody was injured as the chemicals were of very low quality.

The report stated that ISIS fired the artillery shell at the US Qayara Air Force Base, which is south of Mosul, Iraq. The base is strategically located there to allow forces to prepare for battles within ISIS-controlled Mosul.

The officials who reported the incident did not completely determine whether or not a chemical weapon attack had in fact occurred. Forces in the area conducted an initial examination following the rocket’s landing and discovered small amounts of mustard gas. However, a secondary examination determined that there were no traces of chemicals.

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